Answer questions 1-5 on worksheet

  1. What is the traditional punishment for bad behavior?
  2. Academically, what can happen to the student that is suspended repeatedly?
  3. What is the biggest misconception when school administrator do not suspend students exhibiting bad behavior?
  4. What type of relationships are stressed in restorative justice?
  5. Finish this sentence from the video “what I want to see is _______ students giving up and ________ students making the decision and the choice to be somebody ____________ in our community”.

Answer questions 6-10 on worksheet

  1. Every circle will follow the same basic cadence.
    1. Mind_________
    2. Check-_____s
    3. W_____
    4. Address ____________________ issues
    5. App________________
  2. Faculty circle happens how often?
  3. If something were to happen and not talked about, according to Steven, what can happen?


  1. What did you get from watching these two videos?
  2. What questions do you still have about these two videos?

Exercise:  As a group discuss some of the agreements and rules you may use to make your circle a success?