Huntington climate survey

In March of this year the school district conducted a district wide survey at each school to gauge how students and staff felt about the climate in their school.  The focus was to see if students were being taught in a hostile environment.  The results were positive but misleading.   The questions this researcher has are:

  • Is what is considered normal to many in the schools support a positive learning environment?
  • Are the standards for achievements being altered to produce favorable results?
  • Are the students being taught a competitive curriculum preparing them for high school and the rest of their lives?
  • Are students encouraging or discouraging their teachers to push for academic excellence?

The results of these surveys suggest all is right and there is bliss or perfect happiness within the walls of the school.  But this researcher is troubled by the settling for less in the form of bliss when the average grade reading equivalency levels are at the fourth to fifth grade levels.  Also a concern is the lower graduation rates and high absenteeism levels.   Is this the new norm even in suburban schools?  Here is the results of the climate survey taken at Huntington K-12th grade school.