For this study I have chosen the group of students I work with everyday.  There are nine eighth-grade students participating in the study, each having their own set of learning challenges.  The focus group is a small, but demographically diverse and the students are exposed daily to the same academic challenges and environments.  None of these students exhibit aggressive behaviors in the classroom, in fact, they have a tendency to show signs of withdrawal from social situations.  They tend to be somewhat hesitant to be the first responders in class discussions, however, when they feel comfortable in their learning environment they are healthy contributors and add differentiated viewpoints on many topics.

2-Autism Spectrum Disorder 2-Dyslexia
3-ADHD 2-Learning Disabilities

Because of the perception by some of their fellow students and the sensitive nature of having a disability, most of the data gathered from this group of students has been gathered through observations, and interviews with them and other eighth-grade teachers.